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Having issues to get waiting staff?

With covid-19, it has become a challenge to access reliable staff across the hospitality and F&B industry. Many employees rather stay at home and cash in government cheques, jeopardizing many hospitality and F&B operations.

Jaac® the E-waiter is your convenient way to improve your guest satisfaction and increase your operational efficiency by offering a safe and contactless dining experience.

How Jaac® the E-waiter takes care of your guests

Jaac® presents your menu

Guests view your menu by scanning a QR code on the table. All menus are mobile optimized, can be enriched with colors and images, and can be uploaded in multiple languages.

Jaac® makes recommendations

Add up-sell items to your dishes and they will automatically be presented to each guest, increasing your average check.

Jaac® takes orders

Each guest can place orders using their smartphone and Jaac® delivers each order in real-time, without a waiter needing to attend to the table.

Jaac® Listens to your guests

Guests can send requests by the touch of a button, such as refill or napkins. This reduces the amount of runs to the table significantly.

Jaac® collects payments

Restaurants decide if guests pay upon ordering or after finishing their meal. Jaac® provides secure payments and accepts all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. No credit card data is stored by Jaac®.

Jaac® asks for reviews

After each meal, guests can rate their food and experience anonymously, increasing the change to get honest feedback.

Jaac® the E-waiter reduces the need of carrying out repetitive tasks by your waiters. A waiter saves up to 70% time not giving out menus, taking orders, or collecting payments. This allows your operation to serve the same amount of guests with less waiters. Save even more by having orders delivered by food runners, instead of waiters.

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Our customers about Jaac®

Totally enjoying the new E-Waiter, which has improved customer service and reduced person-to-person contact.

Stomping Grounds Café

Jaac® offers the best guest experience in times where social distancing has become paramount.

Hotel Marques de Riscal

More time for waiters to focus on guests specially during this difficult times we are facing, it has been a blessing for us.

LEEN'S Casual to Gourmet

All our dine-in customers are using Jaac® and they love it. Everything is working perfectly! Jaac® increased orders.

Sushi Nations Restaurant

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