As frequent visitors to various restaurants, cafés, and bars, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a platform that is able to improve customer service while at the same time help restaurants to increase revenue. During the implementation of the idea, we constantly conducted surveys both among restaurants (owners, managers, and waiters) and among guests. It turned out that everybody is missing the same thing the most: a good waiter. Guests often miss fast and quality service. Cafés, bars, and restaurants reiterated alike: the main problem is to find a good waiter. So, Jaac was born!


Hello, Jaac’s my boy and I’m making sure that he has everything he needs to grow. Mainly, I’m teaching Jaac new skills, ensure he behaves well, and look after his health and well-being.


Hi, I’m Jaac’s mum! I make sure that Jaac is a polite and fast waiter that everyone can rely on. Research, marketing, and making sure Jaac learns new skills are my tasks.


Hi, I’m Jaac’s godfather.
I’m helping him to find his way in the world, meet new people, and get him everything he needs to grow and thrive.

Behind Jaac, there is an international team that is united by a single objective to improve guest experience across the hospitality industry. We share a passion for building excellent software that makes people’s lives more convenient, with an unparalleled usability that simply works.