Contactless dining

Contactless dining – a new solution for a safer dining experience

As our world has been turned upside down, we are reevaluating how we socialize, work and interact with each other. Personal hygiene and health have become a priority. Never before have we washed our hands so thoroughly, kept hand sanitizer bottles in every handbag or disinfected household surfaces with alcohol. It is no surprise that a growing number of consumers today are choosing restaurants based on hygiene and safety with no contact drop-off delivery. Undeniably, the current pandemic has taught us new beneficial habits, increased hygiene and safety protocols in restaurants and public spaces. 

The question is, what will happen after the lockdown is lifted? How can customers continue to enjoy delicious meals at their favorite venues without fear or anxiety? The biggest obstacle post-COVID for the restaurant industry will be improving client confidence. 

Since 2019, we at Jaac the E-waiter Inc. have been on a mission to empower consumers and help restaurants. As the world patiently waits for lockdown measures to be gradually lifted and social lives to blossom, we have been training restaurants on new tech-based safety solutions and ways of enhancing dining out. 

Contactless dining is here

Contactless delivery has inspired restaurants to implement Jaac and offer contactless dining. As per new COVID requirements, all front and back of house tops are thoroughly disinfected several times daily, including tills and walls. However, there are still a few high-touch surfaces that employees and customers use, such as notepads, check folders and menus that are hard to disinfect after every human contact. Contactless dining reduces such health risks. 

How does it work?

1. Contactless Menu – Every table has a unique Jaac QR code that immediately opens the restaurant’s menu on the guest’s smartphone. 

2. Contactless Order – Customers order through Jaac on their phone (no app installation required). Any additional orders, dietary requirements or requests can also be made. Every person at the table can order simultaneously on their own device, reducing common touch points.

3. Contactless Payment – Requesting and paying the bill is just as easy as ordering, all done through Jaac.

Eliminating these high-touch surfaces reduce the risk of cross-contaminations from other clients. The kitchen, plates and tables are disinfected hourly and employees will wear masks and gloves for the foreseeable future. 

Jaac was designed to empower customers, significantly decrease ordering time and improve communication with waiters. With contactless dining, clients have a detailed menu with photos and ingredients at their fingertips, can order at their own pace and however many times they like. Today Jaac can help restaurants regain their clients’ trust by providing a dining experience to the highest health and safety standards.

Restaurants also benefit from Jaac. Contactless dining means lower table turnover time, less waiting staff required per day (even during rush hour), reduced miscommunication and wrong orders.  

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