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Why customers like the E-waiter: Jaac

After the COVID-19 pandemic, people are concerned about their health and eating at restaurants. They do not want to be handed over a paper menu and place an order, have restaurants found a way to exclude paper menu? Some restaurants are using QR codes to show their menu in pdf file format. But is looking at PDFs on a mobile screen really convenient? Guests need to zoomed-in, then zoom-out, hover it left and right, which makes them feel frustrated rather than increasing the convenience.

Now imagine you have a QR code that guests scan to get your menu shown in a perfect mobile layout, on top of that they can search for the favorite dish or ingredients, and place an order at the same time. Do guests need to raise a hand and wait for the waiter’s attention? No, they don’t. It’s all done with a touch of a button, the restaurant received the order and the food is now cooking in the kitchen.

This is what exactly Jaac, the E-waiter is doing. He provides customers with the ultimate experience of contactless dining. He offers a convenient way to see the menu along with a search option to look for favorite ingredients and dishes. Also, he has an option to change the language if no one speaks the language of a customer, still Jaac the E-waiter has you covered. Jaac suggests the chef’s choice and restaurant’s specialty which gives the customer an option to try new things.

Customers went furious when they have to wait for the waiter’s assistance or for the help they need in modifying an order or changing it. Jaac provides the customers with an option to write their specific needs, dietary notes, or modifications in food while placing an order. It gives them the freedom to place their order when they are ready.

With the help of E-waiter Jaac, customers can ask for waiter assistance if they need to refill their drink or ask for other things. The most important thing that we all have faced is to wait for the bill. Jaac eliminates the waiting with just a simple click, he allows the customers to “ask for a bill” after the dining. 

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