Jaac, the E-waiter

With Jaac, you give your guests the opportunity to choose which order method is most convenient for them!
The unique e-waiter “Jaac” is always ready to accept the order and advise on your menu at any time. Jaac perfects the communication with your guests and minimizes the number of negative reviews related to services.
Hire the ultimate e-waiter and see yourself the benefits!

How guests use Jaac

There is no need to download Jaac for guests

Scan QR Code

The menu will open without downloading the app. Guests can browse through the entire menu and make a selection as per their choice.

Browse Menu

The menu opens without downloading any app. Guests can browse through your entire menu and make their selection.

Place Order

Guests will place their orders in a single click. A comment section is allowed to mention special requests or dietary requirements.

Call a Waiter

For guests who will prefer human interaction, “call a waiter” option is available, including shortcuts like "ask for the bill".

How Restaurants use Jaac

Android and iOS apps are available for restaurants

Receive Notifications

All orders and other notifications will pop-up at the restaurant’s app in real-time. Install it on a centralized tablet, or on every staff member's mobile phone.

Process Orders

Once notifications will be received, copy them to the Point of Sales (PoS) system. Every copied item can be toggled so that nothing will be left from the order.

Update Menu

Easily change prices, add menu items, extras, or disable certain items that are temporarily unavailable. Jaac will handle this at no extra cost!

Jaac works for you 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Sign up 2. Send us your menu and photos (if you have any), we will upload it to Jaac® 3. We provide you the unique QR codes for each table 4. You will receive the training, it will be your choice between online training and instructional video You are ready to use Jaac® at your restaurant!
There are two options, you can send your menu to us and we will upload it for you, or you can do it on your own using the Jaac® “Menu Editor” option which is part of the iOS and Android app for Restaurants and available for free at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We will send you our pre-designed table standee templates with QR codes, or just the QR codes if you prefer your own design.

Yes. Any guest can scan the table’s QR code and use Jaac®  to place an order or call a waiter. For each order, you will see the table number and optionally guests can add their name to an order, making it more personal.

That one is simple yet important: make sure it’s convenient for them to use Jaac®. Train your staff to process orders and answer waiter calls as fast as possible. From our statistics we know that users within the age group of 24-45 are most likely to adopt fast but even age groups of 55 years and older are using Jaac® if they see how simple and convenient Jaac® is. It’s all about giving them a good experience.

The Jaac® for Restaurant app can be installed on a single tablet or on each staff member’s phone. Upon each new order or waiter call, a push notification is sent to all signed-in staff members.
Jaac® works with any smartphone that has a camera and browser. A mobile app is not required by the guests. They just need to scan a QR code using their phone’s camera or to take a picture of the QR code.
Absolutely not, with Jaac® you won’t need any tablets for guests on each table because guests will use their own mobile phones to view the menu, place orders, or call a waiter.

Download the free Jaac® for Restaurant app for iOS and Android to edit your menu with just a few clicks. You can easily change prices, add new items, modifiers, upload photos, or toggle unavailable items off.

To maintain Jaac® easily, the E-waiter is not integrated with Point of Sales systems. Integration into the PoS system is available at an additional cost. For more details please contact us.
You can cancel your Jaac® subscription at anytime. Upon subscribing and with each invoice, we provide a link to perform a cancellation yourself. All cancellations are processed automatically and immediately.